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Types of Granite Memorials


Sketch - traditional upright memorials
Traditional Upright: These are typically a two piece memorial consisting of the monument and a base. They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, providing a full range of creative and personalized works of art and are available for Single or Family/Double Monuments
Sketch - slant markers
Slant markers: These stand typically 16 or so inches above the ground with the back of the stone straight vertical, and the front sloping at about a 45 degree angle. They come in Single or Family/Double in size and can be personalized with symbols or inscriptions.
Sketch - bevel markers
Bevel markers: These are not very high above the ground, with the back of the stone being a few inches higher than the front. They come in Single or Double in size and can be personalized with symbols or inscriptions.
Sketch - flat markers
Flat markers can be personalized, but the design is naturally restricted by the smaller area. Because they lie flush with the ground, they often are hard to locate in the cemetery. Flat Markers come in either granite or bronze.


Other Types of Memorials


Bronze Memorials: Bronze Memorials are available in both single and double sizes.  They offer a variety of designs and vases.  Bronze Memorials are typically affixed to Granite.

Shaped Monuments: Monuments come in a variety of shapes.  There are many ornate shapes available and custom shapes can be made upon request.




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